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The blue card program for Germany is a residence title for the immigrant workers. EU blue card is an evident concern of a non European employee is residing at European state for the purpose of working. The EU blue card is an identity proof of a non European citizen who works in European state. Germany-EU-Blue-Card-300x200Germany is one of the richest countries of EU nations. The country has large demands of information technology, engineering and mathematics. The nation has lack of skilled human resource to work in these projects. So the government has introduced some immigration policy to solve the issue of workforce shortage and improve its impact on labor market. Firstly the candidate will have to go Germany by the Job Seeker Visa. The validity of this visa is six months. If the candidate able to get an job in Germany during that six months of time, then the work permit is granted after that depending upon his annual remuneration he can able to apply the blue card or  Residence permit. In some cases the non European citizen needs to apply the blue card before entering to Germany. The German representation embassy abroad is responsible for this concern. There are some certain criteria to Apply for the Blue Card. The blue card applicant must have a minimum qualification of bachelor degree from the universities of Germany or any equivalent foreign university and the applicant should have a monthly package of 4.134 Euros per month. The validity of EU-blue card is for 4 years. It can be extended or establishment permission can be granted. The non European candidates having a blue card can apply for the permanent residence after 33 months. If the card holder has German language proficiency then he can apply for Permanent residence earlier after 21 months. The EU blue card holders can stay out of the Europe for one year without losing the right of staying Europe or Germany. For more information about this, please fill out Free assessment form.  One of our consultants will get back to you. For more updates follow us on Facebook , Twitter , Google+

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