Germany EU Blue Card a Residence Permit With the Right to Work


Importing talent from the third world countries have become the common in the developed countries. The Germany European Blue Card initiative is the common card to welcome the skilled professionals into the country. US, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and other developed countries have benefited through the great abilities of the foreign professionals. To attract the […]

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Who is Eligible to Receive Germany Permanent Residency Status?


One of the largest economy in Europe is Germany. This nation does have a shortage of staff especially belonging information and technology. The GITA (German information technology association does estimate that 25% of the IT vacancies are vacant.   Have the desire to stay and work in Germany then apply for Germany work permit visa. Both […]

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Get Germany EU Blue Card under the guidance of Opulentus

Have you ever thought to reside and work in Germany? If yes, then you should get a Germany EU Blue Card. Germany has an amazing work environment to work and reside either for a long-term period or short-term period. An immense number of people are keen on residing and working in Germany. Peculiarities, such as, […]

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How to apply for a Germany EU Blue Card

Willing to work in Germany? Well, you need to apply for Germany EU Blue Card. Germany is top-notch destination in Europe for immigrants. The country offers excellent career opportunities for the overseas nationals to migrate and work in Germany. People who have working in Germany are experiencing high standard of living, high quality accommodation, social […]

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What Are The Ways To Migrate To Germany From India?

Planning to migrate to Germany from India? Want to find out some information with regards to German immigration. Read on to find the information that is required to migrate to Germany. Migrate to Germany Germany, the land of varied job opportunities emerged as the great destination for people aspiring to settle abroad. Germany is one […]

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How to obtain EU Blue Card for Germany with Work Permit

Have you ever thought of Working in Germany? If yes, then you must know the complete details of Germany EU Blue Card that permits overseas nationals to work in Germany. Germany is facing skill shortages and to fill the available vacancies, the country is seeking overseas skilled professionals to work in Germany in order to […]

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