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Germany job seeker visaConsidered the powerful country of Europe, Germany has always been under the spotlight for its rich history, cultural heritage and tourism.  Germany has become a hub of international workers too in the recent past, thanks to the rapid industrialization, which made Germany the most sought after country for jobs in the fields of science and technology, engineering, business management and medical sciences.

Whilst organizations in Germany have thrown open its doors to new candidates, the most challenging part is that many employers in Germany don’t post their job opening on the international job portals. This would simply mean that people who are willing to work in Germany should essentially attend interviews there.

Germany job seeker visa:

Keeping in view all these things, Germany introduced an exclusive visa program, Germany job seeker visa. As the name suggests, people who get this visa are allowed to enter Germany and reside there for a period of six-months. During the six-month period, they can search for jobs and attend interviews. They, however, cannot work on this visa or run any business small/big.

Eligibility for Germany job seeker visa:

People who would like to go to Germany on Germany Job Seeker Visa need to have these minimum requirements

  • 15 years of formal education in science, mathematics, technical studies or engineering
  • three years of relevant work experience 

Documents required for Germany job seeker visa:

  • valid passport
  • three passport size photographs
  • curriculum vitae and employment details
  • two referral letters
  • proof of funds to support your stay in Germany
  • travel and health insurance   
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