Spouses or children can move to Germany on Germany Dependent Visa

Germany Dependent VisaWould you like to accompany your dependent in Germany? If yes, you can apply for the Germany Dependent Visa that allows you to enter the country.

Why Germany?

Germany is the third most immigration destination after USA and Russia. Being a global leader in various industrial and technological sectors, Germany is the world’s third-largest exporter and importer of goods. Germany is a developed country with a high standard of living, good social security including universal health care system. Famous for its rich cultural and political history, Germany has rolled out to be the home for many artists, musicians, philosophers, entrepreneurs, investors, cineastes and scientists. As the country needs more skilled workers, people with valid experience and knowledge were migrating to the country. To encourage family immigration, the country has rolled out Germany Dependent Visa to help families to reunify.

Who is eligible to obtain Germany Dependent Visa?

Germany Dependent Visa is applicable for children, spouses, AU pairs, to get married or to enter a registered partnership. Individuals who obtain Germany Dependent Visa can reside and travel in the country.

Germany Dependent Visa requirements

Individuals who are applying for Germany Dependent Visa need to satisfy certain requirements such as:

  • Valid travel document
  • Germany Dependent Visa applicants need to submit evidence stating the reason for Parent/Spouse’s Stay in Germany
  • In case of children, a birth certificate is required
  • In case of spouse, one needs to submit a proof demonstrating their relationship
  • Au Pair Contract with a German family
  • If your dependent children is applying for Germany Dependent Visa, then a birth certificate of both in Au pair visa application must be submitted
  • Germany Dependent Visa applicants need to submit proof of marriage ability and birth certificate of dependent if planning to marry in the country
  • Confirmation letter from a Registrar’s Office in Germany
  • Informal Invitation Letter from your spouse

All these are few requirements that are needed to be satisfied by the people who are applying for Germany Dependent Visa.

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