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Germany EU Blue Card a Residence Permit With the Right to Work

Apply-for-Germany-EU-Blue-CardImporting talent from the third world countries have become the common in the developed countries. The Germany European Blue Card initiative is the common card to welcome the skilled professionals into the country. US, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and other developed countries have benefited through the great abilities of the foreign professionals. To attract the most efficient professionals, Germany joined the initiative of European Union’s Blue card to welcome the skilled work force into European countries.

The European Blue Card Scheme, the residence permit program of the European Union attracts the professionals from the non-European countries. This residence permit allows migrant workers to work whose salary cap is 47,600 Euros and 37,128 Euros in the skilled shortage list of the European countries.

German EU blue card is the residence permit, international students in Germany can also apply for the Blue Card and apart from this they also have permit of extension for one and half year. The students who come to Germany through Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics can also Apply for the Blue card to Germany.

Germany requires strong skills and people with exceptional skills are always welcomed by the developed countries. Germany Blue Card scheme is a unique system that provides entry to 25 European Union countries. The system is unique and people who wish to immigrate have many ways.

The industries of Europe are robust and people who wish to apply for the visa can easily get the opportunities. There is a massive need for highly skilled professionals in Germany and people can easily integrate with the German society.

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