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Germany EU Blue Card - Requirements To Be Met For EU Blue Card

The EU Blue Card does target third country nationals who enter Germany directly from a non-EU state, who already have an EU blue card as a resident in another EU member state and third nation nationals already living in Germany under a different type of residence permit might also Apply for Blue Card Germany.

 In Short, the Below Pre-Conditions Needs to Met for Germany Blue Card Scheme

  • The applicants should demonstrate proof that they have graduated from university level studies
  • The applicant should also provide employment contract or a binding job offer with a specified minimum salary

We find highly qualified persons, who have opted in the past for destination such as United States, Canada or Australia. The European initiative does have a number of distinctive qualities, which would help Europe to become the most favorite migration destination.Apply-for-Germany-EU-Blue-Card1

  • Working, as well as salary condition, is equal to the Nationals
  • Within the Schengen area, free movement
  • Entitlement to a series of socio-economic rights
  • For family reunification, favorable conditions
  • Permanent residence perspective
  • Freedom of association 


The EU Blue Card Germany will be initially issued for a maximum of 4 years or shorter period depending on the employment contracts. Any change of the employment does require approval from immigration services during the initial two years.

Germany Green Card Requirements Scheme is designed to make Europe an attractive destination for professional from outside the European Union.  We find, all EU member states, except the UK, Denmark, and Ireland participate in the EU blue card scheme.

The individual's profile in the EU blue card network does provide double function. Firstly the employer can contact you and offer you job contract. Secondly, it enables the individuals to submit your application.

How successful is the EU blue card?

Even though the EU blue card is relatively new, and European nations are still facing the economic challenges, the card is quite a success. In Germany alone, above 16000 cards are issued before 1st August 2014.

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