How can indians immigrate to Germany?

Immigrate to Germany from India Germany has  huge demand for overseas skilled professionals, especially in the fields of IT and technology; therby, highly talented professionals from India are seeking to grab the opportunites in the country by opting for Germany immigration.

Germany Immigration from India

Indian nationals planning to migrate to Germany for work  have to file thier applications for an employment visa from the competent mission prior to their entry into Germany .Following the arrival in the country, the immigration authority will change the visa to residence permit, which can be also used as a work permit.

Germany Immigration Requirements

Individuals planning to Immigrate to Germany from India under the nation’s employment visa have to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Must hold a university degree or an equivalent qualification of German education
  • Germany or the nationals of Europe are not available to fill the position
  • Employee has to be employed on the same advantages and disadvantages as a German employee
  • The company at which one will be employed must be registered with the labor authorities in Germany and have a corporate registration number.

Individuals planning to immigrate to Germany under the employment visa are required to prepare the required documentation for visa application following which one can schedule an appointment at the German mission

Application process

The vis application will be given by the German mission to the immigration authority locally , where one plans to stay in Germany, for approval. The overseas German mission issues visas following the approval of the immigration authority.

The duration of  approval process would range from few days to over two months.However, if the applications are filed for a scientific visa then there is no necessity that a local immigration authority has to approve it.

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