What are the Requirements for Germany Job Seeker Visa ?

Germany-Job-Seeker-VisaThe Germany is facing a shortage of Skilled workers in the fields like medicine and engineering. Hence it is good time for international applicants to Migrate to Germany, who are interested to work in Germany.But getting the job offer is just the first step. Depending on the nationality, the individual may or may not require a visa or Germany work permit to enter Germany. The following is the list of the people who do not require a visa to enter Germany

Citizens of the European Union

  • Citizens of Switzerland
  • Citizens of Bulgaria and Romania
  • Citizens of the European Economic Area

Citizens belonging to other nation should apply for visa while still in their home nation. Applications for the visa can be sent to Consulate or German Embassy in a person’s place of residence.

Germany Skilled job Seeker Visa 

Those individuals are who are positive and confident and at the same time are interested to work in Germany , the Germany Job Seeker Visa is the best. This visa offers you an opportunity to seek job in Germany. We find the skilled job seekers who are successful in securing job in Germany should apply for a skilled work permit.

Requirements for the Germany Job Seeker Visa

  • Education : The individual should recognized qualification from the German Universities or from foreign degrees which are equivalent to German Degrees
  • Sufficient funds and accommodation : The individuals should hold sufficient funds as well as arranged accommodation for the intended stay in Germany(6 months)
  • Travel and medical insurance : Should hold travel and medical insurance
  • Employment : should have adequate experience in the occupation which has been nominated, this would help find job in Germany, even though it is not mandatory requirement
  • Motivation : should have planned course of action in order to secure employment in Germany as well as understand the employment and career prospects in Germany.

There is no particular list for eligible occupations for the Germany Job Seeker Visa.

The Major Sector of Industries which are in Demand include

  • Engineering
  • IT and
  • Scientific Research
  • Mathematics

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