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Germany Job Seeker Visa paves way to Germany Work Permit

Germany Job Seeker VisaGermany Job Seeker Visa is a scheme proclaimed by the Federal Government in order to encourage more number of skilled and qualified professionals from overseas to visit Germany for seeking a job. Germany is also looking for talented and skilled migrants to work in Germany in order to fulfill the needs of skills which are in demand by Germany employers. According to this scheme, graduates with German degree or other standard university degree or overseas degree similar to a German degree are eligible to arrive to Germany to seek employment. Applicants with a Germany Job Seeker Visa can reside in Germany for a period of six months to seek employment. Once they get the job they can apply for the Germany Work Permit.  According to the recent report, there are more than 5 million jobs in Germany under the fields of IT, engineering, research, and scientist. Further demanded experts are in the manufacturing, mechatronics, electronics, trade, health and logistic fields.

 Details of Germany Job Seeker Visa

Germany Job Seeker Visa is a long term residence sanction that allows overseas eligible individuals to reside and seek a job for 6 months period in order to work in Germany. This visa paves an easy way to obtain Germany Work Permit. Once individuals get an employment offer they can apply for residence permit – employment. But in order to get an approval for Germany Job Seeker Visa individuals must meet some basic prerequisites such as; applicant should have a certified qualification from German university or overseas degree equivalent to German degree. During their period of stay in Germany for 6 months applicants should be enough capable to fulfill their daily expenses along with medical and travel insurances.  They should also provide evidence that they have relevant education. German jobs employers prefers applicants who have at least 15 years of education in engineering, science, mathematics or any other technical education.

Germany Job Seeker Visa is approved to those overseas nationals who have at least 3 years of work experience and experience is associated to their education. Applicants while seeking an employment offer from Germany employer under Germany Job Seeker Visa they are not allowed to work in Germany. The recruiters of Germany need a particular kind of CV in maximum of 2 pages along with the necessary requirements such as educational details, professional experience, achievements, personal details, skills and expertise, and others to call applicants for a job interview.


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