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German Schengen VisaFor those who wish to travel to Germany to visit relatives or to participate in a summer school or in case they wish to participate in a work seminar, then they need a Germany Schengen visa to travel in Germany and all those European states which are a part of the Schengen agreement. This is a part of the Schengen agreement, in which the countries in Europe decided to abolish border controls in a gradual manner. This is done is order to make movement of people in Europe much easier.

Benefits of a Schengen visa

A Germany Schengen visa allows you to travel and stay in Germany along with all the 26 countries which participated in the Schengen Agreement. This is applicable for a period of up to 90 days. You need the following documents in order to get this visa:

The application form duly completed in English and German only. There must be passport size photographs as per the visa photo requirements. You need to submit your valid national passport along with your bank statements for the last three months. There has to be a confirmation letter from your health insurance that must clearly state the coverage for emergency medical treatment with a minimum amount being €30,000. Also required is a reference letter from your employer. There must be original proof of group travel or hotel reservation or of airline reservation along with a copy. A proof of residence can be your driver’s license along with your utility bill in your name.

If you wish to visit Germany with Schengen visa then you need to apply at its Embassy. In case of first time applicants, the application form has to be submitted in person. You must carry along all the required documents too. In case of frequent travelers, the application and documents can be submitted via an agent or through a travel agency. In order to take care of any delays in processing, it is recommended that you must apply for this visa at least 3 weeks before your actual date of travel. The fee for the visa has to be paid by a bank transfer as check or credit cards are not accepted. A money order can also be given but it should not be older than 2 months from the date of application. This visa fee will not get reimbursed in case your application gets rejected.

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