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Germany is the land of ideas. It focuses its  attention on its people and ideas. Individuality in diversity, is definitive element of land of ideas.

Germany-Visit-VisaAre you interested to Visit Germany  and if you are US citizen in possession of valid US passport, then you do not require a visa for tourist or business trip, which would allow stay upto 90 days as well as airport transit.  The individual passport should have minimum 3 months validity, from the planned date of departure from Germany.

As per the Schengen agreement, the tourist as well as business visa which are issued by a mission of one of the following nations are valid for travel to Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Estonia, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Germany, Finland, Iceland, Lithuania, Hungary, Latvia, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Malta, Portugal, Norway, Slovenia, Slovakia, Switzerland, Sweden and  Spain.

However, the individuals are required to apply at the Consulate of the nation which is your preferred destination.

Please Note

The individuals who are interested to apply for a visa, their passport should have minimum two empty pages.The individual’s passport should have been issued within the last ten years.  Those passports which are older than 10 years which has been extended for a period of exceeding ten years from the time of issuance cannot be accepted.

Depending on the trip purpose, there exist slight differences as to type of documentation needed

  • For German Tourist visa, the individuals would not be required to have any formal invitation letter of any sort.
  • For student visa, in addition to the essential documentation , they require to hand over the letter of acceptance from the education institution they are planning to pursue their education as well as they present the proof of financial sustainability.
  • For business trips, the individuals require to hand in formal invitation letter offered by parties residing in Germany, and it should fully explain the nature of their visit.
  • For employment in Germany, they are required to hand the employer’s formal letter stating that the employment offer is accepted, period of employment, nature of job, the exact dates from when they are expected to enter as well as leave the nation.

Are you interested to  visit  Germany then you should apply for Germany visit visa. Contact your nearest visa consultancy company, who would help you in processing your visa.

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