10 Quick Tips About Germany Job Seeker Visa Success Rate


Germany Job Seeker Visa Success Rate

Germany Job Seeker Visa Success Rate:  Beginning 2005, Germany is making greater attempt to encourage highly skilled worker to migrate to Germany. While we find the low skilled workers finding difficulty to gain authorization to work in Germany. The highly skilled workers must find it much easier to Germany Permanent Residency. Germany presently has the lowest level of unemployment. As per the Eurostat, the average rate of unemployment in 2013 in Germany has 5.3%, a figure that compared very favorably with the world’s other leading economies. Do you wish to migrate to Germany for work to apply for Germany Skilled Work Visa?

Indeed, both domestic, as well as foreign media, are already using the word Job under to describe the exceptional performance of Germany’s labour market. At present, we find excellent job prospects in some sectors in Germany.

The professions in demand include natural scientist (biologist, physicists and chemists) professors, engineers and scientific personnel in areas of high technology.

Benefits of Germany Job Seeker Visa include
• Individuals do not need offer letter to apply for this visa
• Individual can stay as well as search for a job in Germany

Eligibility Criteria for This Visa Include
• Employment: Even though having a job, not a mandatory but having adequate years in the nominated occupation can help you in finding a job in Germany.
• Sufficient funds and accommodation: The individuals must have sufficient amount of funds and should be provided for accommodation for the intended stay in Germany
• Hold travel and medical insurance
• Motivation: should have planned a course of action to secure employment in Germany and understanding of employment and career prospects in Germany.

Work in Germany as a Skilled Worker, Apply for Germany Job Seeker Visa. The applications are being processed within weeks of submission. The visa decision and duration do vary from each applicant to another.

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