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The well qualified foreign nationals such as university graduates might come to Germany as legal immigrants. They might receive the long term residence status in Germany.

Work in GermanyGermany-JobSeeker-Visa

  • On Deputation through the Indian employer
  • Direct employer from the German Employer, while they are still outside Germany
  • Direct Employment from the German Employer by using the Germany Job Seeker visa

Usually we find the immigrants having access to labor market of Germany. Only if no German or foreign national who is privileged is available in this nation for  the above job. This does mean that national belonging to nations, which do not belong to EEA do Require residence permit, and It explicitly authorizes individuals  to work for nation such as Germany.

Germany Temporary Residency Permit

European Union citizen as well as citizen’s belonging to USA, Canada, Australia, Israel, New Zealand, Japan, Switzerland, the republic of Korea can apply for their residence permit for work purpose after they enter Germany without visa. The citizens belonging to other nations are required to apply as well as obtain the Germany Work Visa for purpose of work before entering the Germany.

Germans are ranked as 7th hard working Europeans who tend to spend on an average about 41.2 hours per week in the work place. They also enjoy more number of holidays.

The right to work as well as what extend the individuals can work would be detailed on the residence permit.

This nation does accept the foreign nationals in the general employment category which is based on the varied economic needs belonging to Federal Republic of Germany. The two basic conditions include

  1. The vocational qualification
  2. A concrete offer of employment contract

The Federal republic belonging to Germany is also interested in attracting the professionals to work as well as live in this nation.

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