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When it comes to working, Germany emerged as the perfect place for skilled professionals wishing to work abroad. The country is lack of skilled professionals and needs many skilled professionals across various key fields, so anyone who would like to work abroad can file an application for Germany Job Seeker Visa. Germany would be the most popular destination for foreign nationals because of its robust economy, advanced educational system and multi-cultural society. The nation is open for highly qualified professionals with creative attitude and skills. To work in Germany, applicants must be a graduate of any age. The need for natural scientists, professors, engineers, business management, and scientific personnel is also very high.

Germany Job seeker Visa

Germany Job Seeker Visa is a program outlined by Federal Government to encourage skilled professionals. Interested candidates with a university degree or a foreign degree equivalent to a German degree will be able to apply for this visa. Germany Job Seeker Visa is an ideal option for those who would like to work in the country and settle abroad. Germany Job Seeker Visa eases the route for permanent residency and permits applicants to stay and search for a job for six months.

Why Germany Job Seeker visa?

  • Can enter the country and search a job for six months
  • Job offer is NOT required to obtain the visa
  • Six months to search a job
  • Be eligible for permanent residency
  • Bring your dependents-spouse or children
  • Can easily obtain employment visa after getting Germany Jobseeker visa
  • Free education for children
  • Easy to get a residence permit after securing a job offer
  • No need of IELTS score

Requirements of Germany Job Seeker Visa

To apply for Germany Job Seeker Visa, candidates must hold a valid German degree from authorized Universities or foreign degrees that is equivalent to German Degree

  • Must hold adequate funds and accommodation
  • Medical & Travel insurance
  • Adequate years of work experience in the chosen profession can help you find work in Germany; however, it is not a mandatory requirement

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