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How To Migrate To Germany On Germany Job Seeker Visa

Migrate To Germany On Germany Job Seeker VisaGermany rolled out to be the leading destination for number of immigrants. People from various countries migrate to Germany as the country offers excellent career opportunities for the individuals, which helps them to improve their career much better. There are a number of job vacancies available at Germany for the skilled individuals. Thus, a majority of the people allures towards Germany Immigration. Overseas nationals need to obtain a Germany Job Seeker Visa prior to their arrival to the country to seek a job in Germany.

Germany Job seeker Visa:

Germany Jobseeker Visa is a scheme introduced by Federal Government to welcome a large number of skilled professionals from overseas nations to come to Germany. Germany Job seeker Visa came into force on 1 August 2012 for students or graduates who hold German degree or other standard university degree or a foreign degree equivalent to German degree. Germany Immigration through Germany Job seeker Visa is a short term visa. Germany Job seeker Visa entitles overseas nationals to come to Germany to seek a job. Immigration to Germany on Germany Job seeker Visa is valid for a maximum period of six months to search for employment.

Germany Job seeker Visa Requirements:

The following are the some of the essential requirements of Germany Job seeker Visa.

  • Standard degree or a foreign degree similar to German degree
  • Enough funds
  • Travel and medical insurance
  • Not permitted to work in Germany on Germany Job seeker Visa

Germany Job seeker benefits:

  • Enables visa applicants to reside in Germany and seek an employment
  • No employment offer letter is requisite to apply for Germany Job seeker Visa

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