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German Schengen VisaGermany is leading country that tempts a number of tourists from all over the world to visit Germany for the purpose of tourism. People visit Germany to enjoy their holiday trip by viewing a number of tourist attractions in the country. However, non-EU nationals must get a German Schengen Visa to enter Germany for the purpose of tourism.

German Schengen Visa:

Germany Visitor Visa or Schengen visa enables non-EU nationals to enter in to 15 European nations, which are termed as Schengen territory. On German Schengen Visa, applicants can visit, travel and reside anywhere in Germany. Germany Tourist Visa is a temporary visa issued for the purpose of travelling, business visits, and family visits, and permits overseas nationals to reside in the nation for a maximum period of 90 days.

Germany Visit Visa from India:

Citizens of India must obtain German Schengen Visa in prior to their entry to the Germany. On the issuance of Germany Tourist Visa Indians can travel to Germany and other 15 European countries.

Germany Tourist Visa Requirements:

In order to apply obtain a Germany Tourist Visa applicants need to meet the following Germany Tourist Visa Requirements.

  • Properly filled and signed Germany Visitor Visa application form
  • Valid passport and photographs
  • Applicants must produce their copy of return tickets to their native country
  • Travel and health insurance
  • Enough funds
  • Letter of leave acceptance demonstrating that they will be joining the school or job after the trip
  • Self employed individuals can produce business warrant or tax return credentials
  • Letter of invitation from friends and family members

 Germany Visitor Visa Application Form:

Individuals who met the required requirements for Germany Visitor Visa can fill the Germany Visitor Visa Application form carefully and submit along with the required documents. After the successful completion of Germany Visitor Visa process, visa will be issued to the individuals.

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