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Opulentus processes Germany job seeker visa

Do you have plans to migrate to Germany and don’t have a job in hand? Don’t worry; approach Opulentus as it is expert in processing Germany job seeker visa, which doesn’t require a job offer letter to enter Germany.

As Germany is in acute need of skilled employees especially in science and technology fields, the country long back introduced Germany job seeker visa. The main idea of this visa program is that it enables individuals to enter Germany for a period of six months and then search for a job.

Requirements of Germany job seeker visa:

To be eligible for Germany job seeker visa, you need to have at least three years of experience in the same domain in the last ten years.  Apart from that you need to have minimum of 15 years of formal education in science, mathematics or technology fields.

The other basic criteria for Germany job seeker visa include

  • a passport with at least one year validity
  • a motivation letter (intending the reasons for entering Germany)
  • proof of funds
  • photostat of educational certificates

After you are granted this visa, you can happily attend interviews in Germany. It may be noted that Germany employers usually don’t post job ads on various online forums. Therefore, Germany job seeker visa is the only way out to enter Germany, find a job and settle there eventually by applying for a work visa. You are, however, not supposed to work in Germany on this type of visa or engage in any business activity or attend any educational program.

Opulentus support:

Opulentus has a team of immigration executives who are specialized in Germany job seeker visa. You can visit Opulentus for hassle free processing of this visa type. Also, we provide post landing services for interested clients. Approach us for further information.

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