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Germany is an exciting country for the internationals students to pursue their Bachelor’s and  Master’s with low tuition fees. International students are allowed to stay in the country for  till their study period of time as Germany does not have any kind of restrictions and can even  choose to work for up to 90 days for each year. On the other hand the international students must have good language skills in German. Foreign students are also allowed to work for a year after their graduation providing the job must be related to their field.

German universities do not charge any kind of additional tuition fees for the international students. The fees for localities and the foreign students is the same. The interesting part is some of the German universities do not charge any kind of tuition fee.

Germany provides world class education with very low cost, students who wish to study in Germany need to have German student visa.

As the leading immigration leader Opulentus Visa Company will help the students in getting their visa processed and even guide them for the visa interview.

German student visa 

Every international student who wants to pursue their higher studies in Germany must have a German student visa in order to enter the country and complete their studies. Depending on the duration of the stay, students should apply for the respective German student visa.

 German student visa requirements

  •           Valid passport
  •           Copies of data in passport
  •           Photographs
  •           Application form and declarations signed
  •           Purpose and duration of the stay ( cover letter )
  •           Admission form from the applied German university
  •           Financial funds documents
  •           Proof of language proficiency in English (TOEFL/IELTS)
  •           Documents regarding your education qualification
  •           Demand Draft

Opulentus Visa Company will help the students with their documentation and makes sure the visa processing is done in smooth and hassle free manner.

Opulentus Visa Consultancy also provides post landing services where we search an apartment and even pick up services. Our Opulentus also makes sure that the client is settled completely in the new country.

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