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The Proud Scar of Modern Germany

The-Proud-Scar-of-Modern-GermanyYou don’t have to live in Germany to picture its systematic lifestyle, sophisticated image, contemporary native, powerful existence, so on and so forth. It is one of the most powerful countries in EU which provides the maximum tourism and provides the excellent education as well as the work opportunities. Hence people visit Germany from across the world to experience,  how it is portrayed today.

But do you know that before all this stardom, Germany was a country where no one wanted to go? Where no one wanted to spend even a single Euro? Did you also know that before 1930’s Germany was under debt of 30 countries? I could call it officially bankrupt! But then someone turned up and took a stand in changing Germany's present and future that they followed him no matter what; Adolf Hitler.

The reason for the respect we hold for Germany today is because of one man who changed the fate of Germany forever. He is the reason behind the formation of EU, the laws, the study policy, work policies and even the laws regarding marriages. He was the reason how Germany cleared all the debts in three years.

Yes, when we think of Hitler we do not think of him as just a great leader. That’s where the successors of Hitler came up with only keeping his accomplishments and be on top every time. Hitler’s accomplishments politically are deemed upon as a distinguished leader. He was the reason behind making things fall in places for the unemployed Germans.

Germans respect Hitler’s ideologies and look up for the man who could turn the world upside down and remake future of not just the Germany rather the entire world. Followed by 800 million people which intimidated so many leaders and it still does. He made people realize how much youth can contribute to a country and take it on different levels.

Now I wonder about what Hitler said way back and still apply today, “Germany will either be a world power or will not be at all.”

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