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To work in Germany, do you require EU Blue card ?
Posted on: 07 Aug 2015  |   Tags: EU Blue Card , Germany EU Blue Card , Work in Germany ,

Are you interested to live as well as work in Germany, which is the member state of European Union. If your answer is yes! then you need Germany EU Blue Card.


Germany EU Blue Card Requirements

In the year 2012, on 1st August, the EU Blue Card System has been started in Germany. People having recognized degree or degree comparable to German degree do have easier access to the German labour market. In order to get the Blue card EU for Germany , the individuals must provide proof of their qualification as well as concrete job offer. The job offer must consist annual gross earning of minimum 46400 euros.

The Germany Blue card arrangements as well as facilities also apply for highly qualified foreign nationals having background in mathematics, IT, the natural sciences or technology and lastly medical doctors. They are offered the same salaries to work in Germany when compared to German employees and their annual gross earning would be minimum 37.752 euros. But we find the approval of Federal Employment Agency is essential.

The self employed individual can also get residence permit if their planned business project with its financial basis as well as economic impact is asses as being in Germany’s economic interest or should meet the specific regional need.

Visa for seeking job

Individuals who are university graduates having German or other recognized university degree or do have foreign equivalent to German degree are permitted to enter Germany as well as they can seek job. They receive job seeker’s visa to search for a job and at the same they are allowed to stay in Germany for a period of 6 months to find job. They are required to prove that they have sufficient money to support their stay. While finding job, the individual may not work at all, because the job seeker visa does not allow them to work, either on self employed basis or otherwise.

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