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Can Children Join Parents Having Germany Resident Permits

Do you wish to Travel to Germany as a Dependent, a family reunification visa would offer you permit to live as well as work in Germany? If you are an EU/EEA or Swiss citizen, then individuals do not need Residence Permit to Come and to Work in Germany. However, you would require a valid passport or ID card and need to register with the residents’ registration office within three months of stay in Germany.

If you are joining an EU/EEA or Swiss family member but you do not belong to one of the nation where a visa is not required, in that case, you are required to apply for visa  Germany dependents earlier ( based on nationality). You would be receiving residence card from the Alien’s authority in the area where you would be living in Germany.

If your spouse or registered partner, unmarried, minor child of a German citizen or parent/legal guardian for an unmarried, a minor German citizen and not from the EU/EEA/Switzerland, you would be issued with residence permit as along as the relation you are joining is living in Germany.

Anyone else who wish to join the family member should apply for a residence permit for the purpose of family reunification.

Conditions as well as RequirementsGermany-Dependent-Visa

The Relative Whom you Wish to Join should

  • Have residence permit
  • Should have enough room for you (as judged by the German embassy/consulate processing the application)
  • Should have sufficient and secured finances ( German authorities would assess this).

It goes without saying that the individuals can bring their children to Germany by applying for Germany dependent visa. In case, you and your spouse have a residence permit for Germany or if you are a single parent having legal custody of your children and your children age is less than 16, and then they would receive a residence permit.

We find special rules do apply to children whose age is above 16.

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