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Best known for its famous Oktoberfest and World War II history, Germany has some of the most beautiful scenery, castles, fairytales, and historic sites of Europe. The country is located in the heart of Europe and maintains as the continent’s most powerful economy. Berlin which is the capital of Germany is most visited destination. Scenic drives, hiking and horse rides through the Black Forest are some of the most popular things to do and even spending an exotic time in the cruises on the Rhine River with a picture perfect scenery.

Opulentus can assist you in the tourist visa process for Germany:

Every traveler who wishes tour Germany must attain a German tourist visa where the tourist can stay and tour the beautiful country Germany for certain period of time.

Where and how to apply for German visa:

German visa can be applied in the applicant’s respective country and the first time applicants have to submit their application form along with the required documents in person. It is suggested to apply for the visa three weeks before the applicant’s travel date

Required documents for the Schengen visa:

  • Completed application form in English/German
  • Valid national passport
  • Photographs are per the requirement
  • Bank statements
  • Health insurance
  • Reference letter from the applicants employer
  • Copy of evidence of conformations for hotel reservations, flight tickets.
  • Residence proof where the applicant plans to apply for the visa

Opulentus Visa Consultancy can help its clients to go through the easy processing by submitting on behalf of the client to avoid the confusion. Opulentus also provides post landing services which the client, where the company takes care of the accommodation and pickup services to make sure the client has a stress free and comfort travelling.

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