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What is a German Job seeker visaGermany Jobseeker Visa has been introduced by the Federal Government to promote highly qualified professionals to enter Germany.

Germany job seeker visa eligibility criteria

  • Individuals seeking employment in Germany must have a German or other approved university degree or an equivalent foreign degree
  • Applicants must  present the proof of their university degree
  • Must be able to support themselves financially during the duration of stay
  • Must have a plan regarding the way of securing an employment in Germany and must know the prospects of employment and career in Germany

Moreover, an applicant should have sufficient years of experience in the nominated occupation. Though this is not mandatory, it would help them in finding Germany Job Seeker Visa easily.

Germany job seeker visa benefits

  • Holders of German Job seeker visa are authorized to stay in Germany for maximum six months to seek work.
  • Authorizes an individual  to search for jobs
  • Following the grant of the Job seeker visa, an applicant can apply for a residence permit
  • Does not necessitate an applicant to have a offer letter prior to applying for a Germany Job Seeker visa

However, they are not authorized to work during their duration of stay on the German Job seeker visa

Germany Jobseeker visa application process

Individuals filing their applications for a Germany Job seeker visa have to do so at consulate or embassy at one’s country of residence with the required documents in original.

The time for processing the application may take three months or even more. If it is found the filed application is complete with all the supporting documents the application will be assessed and then the final decision will be made on the issuance of Germany Jobseeker visa.

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