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Who is Eligible to Receive Germany Permanent Residency Status?
Posted on: 03 Oct 2015  |   Tags: ,

One of the largest economy in Europe is Germany. This nation does have a shortage of staff especially belonging information and technology. The GITA (German information technology association does estimate that 25% of the IT vacancies are vacant.   Have the desire to stay and work in Germany then apply for Germany work permit visa.

Both nations Germany and the UK together account for half of the IT industry of Europe. And the IT staffs are among the largest beneficiaries as about 75000 work permit are issued each year by these nations.

Similar to the Greencard issued in the USA, the  Germany-EU Blue Card does offer highly skilled and educated worker belonging to Non-EU offers an opportunity to stay and work in Germany

The immigrants do have access to the labour market of Germany only when they find no availability of  Germany or foreign national who is privileged to fill the vacancy. It means that nationals belonging to a nation that are not part of the EEA need residence permit that does explicitly authorize them to Work in Germany.

For both low-skilled workers and unskilled workers even though they have access to the labour market of Germany, but still very limited.

However, we find well-qualified nationals belonging to foreign nations who are university graduates might come to Germany as legal immigrants.  They are eligible to receive Germany Permanent Resident Status.

Employment in GermanyGermany-EU-Blue-Card

All individuals who wish to have gainful employment in Germany, they are required to get a residence permit in the form a visa. The residence permit also allows the individuals to take up gainful employment if the residence permit expressly entitles the individuals to do this.

The self-employed immigrants also feel welcoming under the new law, provided they invest as well as create jobs in Germany.

It also needs to note that Germany is a member of the Schengen Agreement. With the Schengen visa, the individuals can enter as well as travel in Schengen nations freely.

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