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Why Germany is a perfect country to MIGRATE

Germany is most populated with the largest economy in Europe, and it is suffering with the greatest shortage of IT staff. According to the German technology Association, it is stating that the 25 percent of the IT vacancies remaining unfilled. Germany aimed to encourage highly skilled workers in order to make them to migrate to their country. It is a excellent opportunity for the highly skilled workers to gain permanent residency rather than the low skilled workers.  According to the Act of Germany immigrations, highly skilled individuals can apply for the permanent residency and permit to work in Germany. Family members, who are highly skilled workers, can have a right to work in Germany, and it will help their family members to move to Germany. Germany is a member of Schengen Agreement, through which individuals can entry to one Schengen country and can travel to other Schengen visa countries for free of cost. According to the results obtained from the newly released survey, stating that the No-EU immigrants have a better chance to find a job in Germany when compared to the other European countries.

Attractions of Germany:

  • Excellent schools and Universities
  • Multicultural society
  • People are very friendly
  • Political stableness
  • Clean &safe
  • Excellent culture with wide open places
  • Outdoor lifestyle and sports
  • Attractive beaches
  • It is a delightful place to raise a family
  • Balance life style
  • Sporting and technological achievements

The new immigration Act of Germany replaced with the Former German Green card initiative which helps the IT foreigners to work in Germany comfortably. As the Germany is providing the right job opportunities for the individuals, it can be stated as that Germany is a perfect Country to migrate.

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